The goal of this site is to provide the best in computer sales and support.

I have many years of experience in all areas of computer technology. I have worked my way up from the bottom and have served as a CIO for an energy company.

I have been interested in everything related to computers ever since I got involved with them years ago. I have followed the PC revolution since the beginning.

Did you ever hear about the bus driver’s holiday? What does a bus driver do on his day off? He takes a bus trip! That’s the way I feel about computers. I couldn’t bear a vacation without access to some computer.

As a result of my experience and interests, I felt that I would be able to offer the public the fruits of my labors and develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

At this site, I will offer quality software and hardware with good prices and discounts. I will provide the information that you need to get the best from your computing experience. I will post information that will help you solve your problems and issues also.

Enjoy your visit and please leave me feedback as to how I can make the site more useful to you.

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