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I did a search for the best Internet security software and I visited various sites that rated different packages. Bitdefender came up as a winner in a number of reports and reviews. I purchased it and used it and was an affiliate for it on my website The 2008 version worked fine with few problems.

I recently “upgraded” to Bitdefender Internet Security 2009 and that’s when the trouble began. I’ve discovered that you can’t fully trust online reviews. You need to read the forums and search the web for comments about a product. It especially pays to enter <product name> problems and see what comes up. See the comments in this Bitdefender forum posting to get a sense of the current problems.

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New Norton 360 v3.0NEW Norton Internet Security 2009After dropping Bitdefender, I tried others and have come to the conclusion that Norton has the best products on the market currently. They have made some mistakes in the past, but they have overcome them. I will provide more detail later in the article.


In using the Internet Security 2009 version I came across the following problems;

Protection Weaknesses

The program often dies with no reason. All of a sudden the system tray icon (the symbols on the bottom right of your screen) turns gray and says that Bitdefender services are not responding, please reboot. I wait a while and the color changes back.

Sometimes you get a message that the program has died and they request that you send a report to Bitdefender.

The Bitdefender free online scan doesn’t handle the notorious fake antivirus 2009 virus. Its virus scan did not rate the advanced+ level.ย  The scan is slow and does not take into account that some files never changed and do not require to be rescanned.

Performance Issues

The program leaves a heavy footprint on the system. There are frequent lengthy slow downs as the online scan analyzed files or messages. It also uses a great deal of memory.

Support Problems

Bitdefender support used to be great. The online chat got you to an agent very quickly and they were very knowledgeable. However, recently, even though the agents come on board quickly, some of them are quite weak.

If you have a serious issue, they will have you capture date using programs that they provide. However, once you provide the results, you won’t hear from them again.

Don’t connect to them close to closing or holiday time. Your chat session will end abruptly in the middle of a sentence.

Be sure not to have any problems around holidays. The support is not available by any means for the holiday period. Around Xmas and New Years, this means nobody home for 4 days.

Installation Issues

My problem contacting them around a holiday happened when they wanted me to uninstall my version and reinstall a new version. The uninstall failed and I couldn’t reinstall the new version which claimed that the old version was still there. Nothing that I could do with any manipulation of the uninstall utility or using registry editors could put Humpty Dumpty together again. I had to install free anti virus until I found an old install and used that to get it back.I ultimately replaced it with Kaspersky Internet Security which is much better.


Recently I started receiving invalid messages. It claimed I was not registered after being registered for around a year. It told me that and email was sent and it wasn’t.

Interface Unfriendliness

The interface does not conform to a standard Windows interface. It is sometimes hard to figure out where you should click. The various features are not easily apparent.


The bottom line is caveat emptor, buyer beware. You can’t trust the reviews fully. You have to search the web for the real lowdown. Bitdefender used to be good. Let’s hope that they clean up their act.

Click here to find out all about computer Internet security in general and why I recommend an Internet security suite over a collection of different programs.

I have recently found the best Internet Security Suites to be Norton’s security products.

I personally use Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 and I have installed Kaspersky for some of my clients.Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 is basically a good product which doesn’t adversely impact system performance. It also has very good virus checking capabilities.

However, it has some weaknesses that need to be addressed. See my computer Internet security article for details.

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New Norton 360 v3.0NEW Norton Internet Security 2009I have also installed Norton for some of my clients. Norton provides 2 major products for the PC public, Norton Internet Security 2009 and Norton 360 v3.0. Both of these products have undergone major upgrades. The virus scan learns as it scans so that it only scan items that haven’t been scanned before which speeds up virus scanning time tremendously. Norton used to be notorious for their heavy impact on system performance and their complex and difficult installations. Both of these problems have been totally erased and both Norton Internet Security 2009 and Norton 360 v3.0 are light on the system and very fast and easy to install.

Norton Internet Security 2009 is intended for those who are more technically oriented and want the ability to tweak some settings of their security protection. Norton 360 v3.0 is set and forget software for those who just want excellent protection and don’t want to worry about it. Norton 360 v3.0 also has built in backup and PC speed optimization.

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47 Responses to “Bitdefender Problems”

  1. mic

    16. Feb, 2009

    Go to run
    find all Bit Defender Services…
    Click on Properties
    Set All That Will To AUTOMATIC……..

  2. admin

    16. Feb, 2009

    @ mic

    Is this a different setting than what Bitdefender sets when they install?

    What will this accomplish?

  3. chris k

    03. May, 2009

    I too have had many problems with b/d 2009 the prv versions run great and the support had been first rate the latest prob I have is the virus scan option tabs are removed from the user tabs this prob only happens on my vista prof lap top not on my xp loaded desk top several attempts at getting suport or a resolution have been fruitless the only clue I can find is if I can get it to scan it finds a user temp file is OVECOMPRESSED? at lists it aas not scaned looks like ill end up binning it and going for a replacement solution

  4. admin

    03. May, 2009

    @chris k,

    I too was very frustrated with Bitdefender’s lack of a response.

    It’s unfortunate because, as you said, it used to be a good product.

    I gave up and switched to Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 and it is much better.

  5. Serena

    22. May, 2009

    Hi! Different issues can appear, depending on the configuration of each computer and the programs that are installed. Customers are being asked to run files on their PC so that the correct situation is diagnosed. Also, the knowledge base from is a useful tool when the phone lines are busy . Test the new BitDefender 2010 beta version from, the new and improved version of BitDefender, that will be backed up by a larger technical team as well๏Š. Maybe you will reconsider it!

  6. admin

    22. May, 2009

    @ Serena,

    I have run all the files that Bitdefender support requested and didn’t get a response from their support team.

    The knowledge base did not deal effectively with the problems described.

    I might reconsider Bitdefender if I see some indication in the forums and in reports on the Internet that the product and the support has been improved.

    You also need to address the reinstall problem where the user is asked to uninstall and reinstall and can’t because the uninstall leaves some residue that prevents the reinstall. Has this been corrected yet?

    Let me know if you feel that these issues have been addressed.

  7. KrisBelucci

    01. Jun, 2009

    da best. Keep it going! Thank you

  8. Juergen

    06. Jun, 2009

    same here, many problems with, tray program crashes constantly, file zone and net zone windows shows red crosses or just disappear….very disappointing. The worst thing is that there is no support never get an answer to all my emails.

  9. admin

    07. Jun, 2009


    It looks like they haven’t changed yet.

    Unbelievably, they still get top ratings from some reputable review sites.

    I won’t trust them until I start seeing reports of the correction of some of the issues.

  10. Nexgen

    08. Jun, 2009

    Bitdefender has dropped their standards. They used to be very good now the support hangs up on customer and their software craps out. We even started a section in our blog just to summarize which anti virus to get.

    Basically, you cannot really trust those other reviews site. They’re more geared towards their pocket and not honesty.

    For those of you who need immediate computer help visit

  11. cher-bear

    19. Jun, 2009

    I’m having the same missing system tray icon as everyone else. Now that I’ve read all the bad reviews about 2009, I’m REALLY bummed…..I bought a 2yr edition that supports 3 PC’s! The reviews were good at the time I bought it.

  12. admin

    19. Jun, 2009


    I understand your frustration.

    I’ve seen recent reviews that still rate it very high while I haven’t heard any reports of the problems being corrected.

    I’ve learned that when you want to find out about a product you can look at the reviews but you need to search for problems also.

    One needs to search for “problem”, product “complaints” and product “sucks” to see what pops up.

  13. Bilbo Baggins

    28. Jun, 2009

    I support all the observations above. The program is bad, the support is bordering on incompetant and I would assess this program a an on line scam, nothing short . Stay away from Bit Defender it operates out of Romania for a reason.

  14. admin

    28. Jun, 2009

    @Bilbo Baggins,

    It’s amazing that it still gets a top rating from many of the reviewing sources.

    Thanks for the info about Romania.

  15. I used Zone Alarm for the past 12 years, or however long they have been around. Got tired of them for many of the same reasons as stated in here.

    They too were great when they started and went downhill as they grew. I suspect that that is the reason for many of these companies being described as “used to be good”, they grow and get so big to where the product sucks and customer service is abandoned.

    About three weeks ago I searched for an alternative to ZA because it was causing boot up problems on all my computers. I suspected it was ZA and when I deleted it, my boot up delay and incomplete boot-up problems were gone.

    Went to TopTenReviews who are usually pretty good and they rated BD as #1. So I downloaded the trial and installed on two computers. Deep scans found 48 viruses and Trojans, by name, so I have to think they were accurate, and doing a better job than ZA ever did.

    Before the BD deep scan I connected via USB all my external drives, three terabyte total, with files going back 12 years. The deep scan took 12 hours. But that is why it found all the problems. I duly note that some files were identified by BD as viruses that were not and also cookies are identified as infections also.

    Anyway, two days ago BD on my notebook went dead and the icon turned black. After not finding a fix I uninstalled and reinstalled. That worked fine until about an hour ago where it went dead, again.

    After reading these posts I will now look for another product. Thank God I did not purchase the product, I almost did a number of times. I would have been out that money.

    I might look at Norton if, as you say, they have fixed the crappy product they turned into (mainly that their firewall slowed down a browser to a crawl).

    Might look at other products too.

    I did not know that BD operates out of Romania. Had I known that I would have passed on their offerings. I don’t trust any former communist bloc country. Most are lawless communities run by organized crime or corrupt government.

    And yes, I was lazy when looking for a security product. Normally I do as you say, use Google and type in the word “complaint” “problem” and even “_____product name___ sucks” to see what comes up. But I was busy and did not have time to do it this time. My bad.

  16. Oh, on the review sites, I agree. Many of those get payment from the companies to be listed favorably.

    I don’t know if is one of those, I don’t think they are, but you never know.

    Also, online magazines are suspect because many products are advertisers on the sites. The reviewer is not going to be that fast to bite the hand that feeds them.

    Then there’s the problem of paid bloggers posting on the Net, including places like this, whose job it is to post favorable comments about a product or defend the company. This was recently mentioned in the news when they said that the FTC may crack down on this deceptive practice. (E.g., by requiring that the poster say he or she is being paid a company to post.)

    Lastly, there are reviewers who post AFTER getting free products or merchandise from the company whose product is being reviewed. Such reviewers are suspect when he or she really wants, for example, the latest iPhone or electronic gadget.

  17. admin

    22. Jul, 2009

    @ Business Litigation Group,

    It’s sad that other products exhibit this same behavior.

    You did much of the due diligence and the reviews are still glowing. Toptenreviews also still considers BD one of the top and I even tried to comment about it on their site but they didn’t let my comment through.

    I have been using Kaspersky and I have a couple of clients using the Norton products. Kaspersky is good but if you work remotely, they don’t offer any option for gaining full control so that if you install new software, it might be crippled by Kaspersky defenses until you actually get onto the host machine.

    Norton seems to be fast and safe and it has overcome all of the shortcomings of the past. I did a search on Norton for problems, complaints and sucks and it came up clean.

  18. admin

    22. Jul, 2009

    @ Business Litigation Group,

    I wrote the Bitdefender post out of my frustration with the product.

    I please guilty to pushing products that I have an affiliate relationship with. However, I honestly try to offer a high quality product and if you ever catch me pushing something that is questionable, you can call me on it.

    Best of luck in getting an effective security solution.

  19. p Tone

    11. Aug, 2009

    I have same problem, will never use or recommend bitdefender

  20. admin

    11. Aug, 2009

    @p Tone,

    I know how you feel.

    I’m amazed that they can get away without correcting these problems for so long.

  21. Business Litigation Group

    11. Aug, 2009

    UPDATE: I saw some other positive comments on the Net about Norton cleaning up their act, so I went to the Site to see what offerings they had.

    For the last three weeks, or however long ago my comment. I am too lazy to scroll up a few pages to see my comment date… the shame… the horror.

    Turns out Norton was looking for beta testers for Anti-Virus 10 and Internet Security 10. I chose AV since it now includes a firewall.

    The install went great, they have a nice, cool looking interface and best of all the program has worked flawlessly and FAST.

    Only complaint for now is that ALL these programs should have a B I G icon on the program’s main page interface that says “Press to Schedule Scan and Updates.”

    I am tired of having to search high and low for what ends up to be a confusing interface to set scan and update times. Zone Alarm was the worst because they appeared to have the ability to set times, but there was also a default time that conflicted and updated or scanned when I was in the middle of using the computer.

    end update

  22. Ophelia

    30. Aug, 2009

    Nice write up…usually I never reply to these thing but this time I will,Thanks for the great info ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. chris k

    30. Aug, 2009

    Hi well I finaly gace up trying to get bitdefender to work and switched to norton 360 my pc is run quicker and I spend my time doing the work I want to on it now instead of trying to fix the bitdefender prog.
    To cap it all the bitdefender people wanted me to pay for b/d 2010 ??? why on earth would I want to do that?
    Once again its a shame that a product that was good value and worked ok on 2007/08 versions is now just a mess nice one guys you lost me and countless customers because of a poor product which I suspect you knew was full of bugs when you put it out the least you could have done is refund the customers money or offered a free upgrade to 2010 if it works.
    I recomend any one else with this faulty program go and find an alt one it will save your blood pressure going sky high and your sanity.
    Good luck.
    Chris k the axeman59

  24. Kenny W.

    30. Aug, 2009

    How long have you been blogging…your good at it.

  25. admin

    30. Aug, 2009

    @Kenny W.,


    I’ve been doing it for about 1 1/2 years now. I guess one gets better if they keep working at it.

    I’ve been fortunate to have been granted a certain knack for writing by G-d and it has helped.

  26. admin

    30. Aug, 2009

    @chris k,

    I know exactly how you feel. That’s why I wrote this blog post.

    It’s really shocking that BD is still getting top ratings from a lot of sites while I haven’t heard that they have solved their problems.

    At least you found a program that I feel is the best of the bunch.

  27. Samud

    07. Sep, 2009

    I don’t usually post but I enjoyed your blog a lot,Thanks alot for the great read ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. John

    08. Sep, 2009

    This makes me want to start my own blog.

  29. Yagnaro

    08. Sep, 2009

    I love your blog.

  30. Kelli Garner

    30. Sep, 2009

    Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.

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  32. JP

    11. Nov, 2009

    BitDefender Internet Security 2010 is even WORSE than IS2009. I managed to struggle through several months with 2009, noticing that my system was starting to run like total crap, but not really sure if it was BD or not. Now that I have BD10, there is NO doubt.

    The program is CONTINUALLY activating my system and soaking up my resources, like every few minutes or so, and I know because when this happens, my computer WILL NOT respond to, you know, what I WAS TRYING TO DO, and the BD globe grays out, turns red again, grays out, turns red again. This happens whenever I open a web browser, pull up a new tab, open my email client, etc. How long does it go for? Well, after opening my laptop up in the AM, I can go eat breakfast and make a pot of coffee – even wait for it to brew – and come back and MAYBE Bit Defender is done messing around. Until the hard drive stops, etc., I can do absolutely NOTHING on my machine.

    Email is the best part. When I pull it up and try to check messages, the system goes crazy doing something and BD does the gray/red thing. While this is going on, I can neither actually check my email, NOR get to a web page. The internet is totally blocked. This goes from 4-7 minutes each time I want to check email. EACH TIME! In fact, it’s killing my resources to the point where I can’t even tab over to a word document and/or TYPE while this is going on. And I literally dropped $$$ on a renewal like 6 weeks ago for 3 machines.

    And the kicker – it’s doing it on the family computer too. I sent them an email stating all this and pointing out that this program has reduced both my laptop and the family computer to almost complete uselessness, but no answer.

    I’m headed to Wong Mart to get Norton . . . I’ll flush the $$ if it means I can actually use my computers again.

  33. JP

    11. Nov, 2009

    Ha, I just tried to scroll back up to the top of this page, and got interrupted. I have NO idea what the heck this program is doing! Except vsserv.exe had my CPU run up to 99%, and I was just sitting here reading this page.

  34. admin

    11. Nov, 2009

    @ JP,

    They were once good and their technical support was quick and accurate. They have gone all the way down the tubes. It’s amazing that they still get high ratings from some pretty legitimate sources.

    Why not get it from this page and you’ll be able to install it right away for a good price?

  35. admin

    11. Nov, 2009

    @ JP,

    It’s good that you will save yourself further trouble by replacing it.

    Best of luck

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    14. Apr, 2010

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  37. joshua Thomas

    27. Sep, 2010

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  38. Alicia Smalarz

    17. Oct, 2010

    have been visiting ur blog around several days. really like what you posted. btw i will be doing a research regarding this topic. do you know any great sites or online forums in which I can get more info? thanks a lot.

  39. I am looking for a good virus and spyware program. It seems like it’s constantly changing almost every years. I would like to know which one is consistent in providing secuirty all around?


  40. Sheli Sod

    20. Oct, 2010

    @business litigating attorney los angeles,

    I believe that the best bet is an Internet Security Suite that covers all the bases. The reason for this is all the protection it provides besides anti virus such as firewall and spam detection. It also provides multiple levels of protection against threats. You can learn all the details here

    I believe that currently Norton is the best of the Internet Security providers.

    You can also use MSE, Microsoft Security Essentials free and Malwarebytes.

  41. Secure Web Hosting

    09. Dec, 2010

    I’m getting a new computer for my birthday (next week) and I think it’s coming with AVG security. Do you think it will be enough protection or should I switch to a different software?

  42. Sheli Sod

    09. Dec, 2010

    @secure web hosting

    Avg is ok. However, I think the best free anti virus is MSE, Microsoft Security Essentials

  43. Hal Eichenberger

    12. Oct, 2012

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  44. MMO

    14. Jan, 2013

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  45. GAry

    24. Feb, 2015

    I had BD 2014 ver and it worked fine when it came time to renew I went with BD again. What a mistake. My computer is now a paper weight. I can not get online all of the programs on my machine now do not run. I contacted there customer support on this issue. they asked for the scan files witch I sent to them. one week goes by so I call for a status update. they say they will contact me with in 24hours. A week goes by so I call again and they escalate my request and said that someone will call me within the next 48 hours. 3 days later I call again and get escalated to the highest priorty. someone will call within 48 hours I am told again. Called back the next week and I got an e-mail the next day asking for the log files Again. I have removed BD from my computer and now have to take it in to a shop to repair it. Still have not heard back from them and it has been over a month………………

  46. Sheli Sod

    01. Mar, 2015


    Thanks for the update. I haven’t been following Bitdefender recently but it looks like they’re up to their old tricks. Best of luck


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