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Crashplan Misuse Kills Your Internet Connection

Posted on 15. Aug, 2012 by in computer repair, Hardware, Networking, Tips

The Problem

I recently installed Crashplan for online backup of my main computer. I opted to get a hard drive from them to upload my files quickly since the slow (for all online backup programs) transfer over the web would not take months to complete but rather the bulk of my data would be on the hard drive and Crashplan could bring me up to speed quickly and all I would have to backup would be files that changed since the initial seeding.

Things went basically pretty smoothly after some help from Crashplan tech support and I sent the hard drive back to them and set the program to backup to them over the web.

Suddenly on the day that I switched online, I was speaking to my daughter on the phone and she said that my voice was dropping out and she could not understand what I was saying. There were gaps in the speech of anyone using my phone lines. I immediately called Ooma and asked them what had happened to my phone service. They said to check my Internet service. I did an lo and behold it was terrible! I immediately switched my focus to Verizon Fios support.

I checked with and found that instead of getting 10 mbps (megabits per second) download and 2 mbps upload I was getting .5 mbps download and .3 upload. The Internet speed was shot to kazoo. I did a ping test and found that the ping delay and jitter were terrible. I called Fios support and they tried to repair the problem 3 times online and each time right after their repair it looked like it worked but very shortly thereafter it went south. I had a technician come down and he replaced my ONT outside box and my modem/router but it didn’t help. I had scheduled a technician to come yet again but I didn’t hold out much hope.

The Solution

I then had a brainstorm. The rule in degugging technical p0roblems is that the most recent change in your system probably caused the problem. I realized that I had now turned Crashplan on full speed and maybe it was eating up my Internet c9nnection. I changed it from being always on to only being turned on between 11 pm and 12 am. Eureka. My Fios was back. The speed was back and the slow pings and jitter were gone. I had my phone service back and all was well with the world.

Ways To Avoid The Problem

Since the problem is that Crashplan was eating too much bandwidth, the way to solve this problem is to reduce its impact. The impact is greatest when Crashplan is first uploading all your files to their storage area. Once this is done either by long term online backup or by loading up a hard drive so the files are there quickly.

Here are the ways to prevent problems:

  • Once the main files have been uploaded, the online backup impact should be minimal. However, if you want, you can limit the time that the backup is running to after phone hours.
  • You can set the bandwidth use  to a low number so that the backup is slower but had less impact.
  • In the case of Ooma, the ideal set up is to place the Ooma box in between the modem from the Internet provider and the router. This way the phone manages its own QOS (quality of service) before anything interferes with it. With Verizon providing an integrated modem and router in one box, so this would need a trick called port forwarding to get this accomplished.

All in all, your online backup, Internet service and Internet phone can all live together peacefully. You just need to be aware of the issues.

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