Create a Great Online Store with Ease

Create a Great Online Store with Ease

Posted on 06. Feb, 2012 by in eCommerce

Many people have wonderful products to sell and may be doing a good job selling their wares locally. However, this limits their horizons and ability to grow. The web opens up your business to the world and if your entry is done right, it can explode your growth by orders of magnitude. However, hiring web developers to create a custom site can be an arduous and expensive proposition. There are so many things that you need that would take a long time to develop and get working properly.

What You Need

I’m a computer nerd so I probably can’t express all that you need but at a minimum you would need or want the following;

  • the ability to easily design and layout your website with beauty and power
  • full featured pricing, inventory and discount control
  • friendly and powerful checkout with support for multiple payment methods such as credit cards, Paypal and possibly purchase orders
  • extensive reporting of all details of sales for insightful analysis of business progress
  • the ability to sell on Facebook, comparison shopping sites, eBay and Google shopping
  • multiple forms of marketing such as email marketing
  • easy access and display of your products with multiple displays, product lists and product search
  • mobile device and phone support
  • inventory control
  • flexible returns
  • coupons and discounts
  • order fulfillment
  • great tech support
  • and more….

And the Winner is … BigCommerce

BigCommerce has been at the top of the heap of many comparisons of online stores. It has a very extensive built in features list. It provides for all the requirements described above. It also has the following advantages over the major  competition listed below (extracted from )


Drag and Drop design

Edit via FTP


Promotion banners

Product lists

Marketing & SEO

Integrated blog

Comparison Shopping Sites

Affiliate tracking

Affiliate platform

Sell Via

Facebook Store


Mobile friendly format

Ordering & Checkout

Single page checkout

Bulk discounts

Custom checkout fields

One click re-order


Shipping label printing

Products &

Physical and digital products

Custom fields (text on a shirt)

You may also like…

Product comparison

Related products


Conversion rate

Cost & profit reporting

Store Search

Suggest / Did you mean?


Related searches


Product reviews & comments

3rd party comment platforms

Private wish lists

Public wish lists

Gift registry

Multiple currency

Live chat vendor

A/B testing

BigCommerce makes building your web store easy without the need for hiring high priced developers for the vast majority of what you need. They provide a large number of themes and designs to start from and with their drag and drop design you can easily adjust your site to look exactly the way you want it to and have it up and running in short order. All the built in features allow you to have a robust shopping web site with vast reach and allure for your happy customers.

You don’t have to worry about having a beautiful site which no one sees since BigCommerce provides SEO (search engine optimization)  logic to your website to make sure that Google and company will promote your site.

Next Steps

Since online shopping and your business may have complex requirements, make sure to review the BigCommerce carefully. Sign up for the BigCommerce free  trial and try it out for yourself. Take full advantage of their highly trained and friendly support to get all your questions answered. Give your business a dry run on BigCommerce and if it’s for you, take the next giant step to enterprise success.


If you’re ready for a high powered ride into the heady world of Internet commerce or you want to improve your impact on your customer base, let BigCommerce provide you with the tools and power to reach the success that is coming to you.


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    07. Feb, 2012

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  2. mercadeo en linea

    15. Jul, 2012

    As an online-only storefront with no brick and mortar location, Toffee Talk relies on the web and social marketing to spread the word about their yummy products. BigCommerce provides them with a simple backend and world-class support to keep them focused on getting orders out as fast as they come in.

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