How to download Drivers from a Windows 7 Update Catalog

How to download Drivers from a Windows 7 Update Catalog

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A Windows update catalog offers various updates for all of their operating systems and the updates include updated system files, new windows features, hot fixes, service packs and device drivers.


Step one will be to visit the Microsoft website and access the Microsoft update catalog which allows you to search in a large variety of categories and update fields. When you search for drivers, it allows you to search for class, manufacturer as well as driver model, which will narrow the scope significantly with these additional search terms.

Microsoft offers a variety of optional updates, recommended and important updates for Windows 7. The important updates will provide the users with significant benefits, like improved reliability and security. The optional updates usually include, updated and new driver software for different devices that you may have added to the computer.

Step 2 will be to search for the needed updates or new drivers in the Windows Catalog using the following steps;

  • You will get a search text box in which you type your search terms, in this instance Drivers.
  • You will enter the word and click on search
  • Browse through the list displayed in order to download the selected update.
  • For each selection you just click, add to download basket.

Step 3 will be downloading the selected drivers or updates from the basket in the Windows Update Catalog;

  • You no click on the “view basket” box which you will find under the search box.
  • Verify if the items in the download basket is correct, followed by “Download”.
  • You will be prompted to “Accept”; hereby you accept the license agreement.
  • You now have to select a location on your computer where to save the downloaded drivers. Type in the path of the folder; otherwise just browse to locate the right folder.
  • After the download is completed, you can click close.
  • Now you need to find the location and in this instance, you go to the location “Installing drivers”.
  • Each download needs to be double-clicked, after which you will get instructions to install the downloaded drivers.

Step 4 will be to install the downloaded drivers;

  • From the Start menu, you will open a command prompt.
  • In order to extract the downloaded driver files you must type in firstly “Expand” and the file name followed by the destination and press “Enter”.
  • You will now receive a very explanatory wizard, which you must follow very closely to install the driver successfully to your computer.
  • After following the instructions from the wizard, you will be prompted to restart your computer on which you can request a later update or immediate for the changes to take effect.


You should also download a Drivers Backup tool that find appropriate drivers for your computer then back it up to chosen folders, along with INF files, which will inform the Windows 7 how to install the drivers. If you cannot find the appropriate driver on the Windows update site, then you can go to the manufacturer’s website. Download drivers and software

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One Response to “How to download Drivers from a Windows 7 Update Catalog”

  1. Sheli Sod

    08. May, 2011


    This is an interesting approach to updating drivers.

    When I have encountered driver problem, I usually found the part identification in the device manager and then went to the manufacturers website to get the drivers.

    When would this method be used?

    I would generally not advise people to update their drivers unless they were experiencing some sort of problem.

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