Mobile theft – Protecting your smart phone

Mobile theft – Protecting your smart phone

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Mobile theft – Protecting your smart phone

 There was a time when you had to have a fixed, wired internet connection and desktop PC in order to access the internet and conduct day to day business. Laptops changed these factors dramatically and then the smart phone all but revolutionised the way we communicate, interact and enjoy multimedia features.

Mobile sales continue to increase internationally and because of the portability offered by devices there is a whole host of new security threats. The physical safety of your device is tantamount as you carry it with you 24/7 and the danger of theft thus increases massively. Due to the different environments you utilise your mobile in, data security is also a major concern. If your device is stolen or hacked all personal and financial secrets can be accessed and used to the thief’s advantage.

Some of the best ways to protect your smart phone include:

Locking your mobile

This is possibly one of the simplest yet most effective ways to protect your mobile and data. An unlocked phone offers access to all your information and thieves can easily steal confidential details and logins. Locking your phone is the first line of defence and by enabling the PIN option you make it just that little bit harder to steal your data.

Only download trustworthy apps

Only use reputable app stores and always ensure you download from trusted and reliable sites. A site like offers safe, secure casino gaming for Apple fans and all data and payment facilities are encrypted to ensure information remains confidential. Be particularly aware of 3rd party apps and downloads that are free, as they may be an opening for maliciously acquiring your data.

Turning off Bluetooth, GPS and wireless

By disabling your wireless, Bluetooth and GPS when you are not using them you will largely eliminate the risk of attracting attention from an entity with malicious intent. By shutting down access to your smart phone at regular intervals you make it far harder to penetrate your device. If you are utilising a public wireless network ensure you have adequate safety precautions to avoid hacking and intrusion, as other devices could access your device via these networks.

A smart phone is an incredibly useful, powerful communication and multimedia device. Make sure your mobile is as secure as possible and protect it to the best of your ability.





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