Quick Online PDF to Word Converter for Easy Editing

Quick Online PDF to Word Converter for Easy Editing

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Quick Online PDF to Word Converter for Easy Editing

Whether for personal, educational or business use, PDF remains one of the most used file formats in the digital world. The reasons people gravitate towards PDFs are numerous. For example, PDFs are universal and appear identical regardless of what platform they are being view on. So if you have a file that you want to make sure will be seen by whoever gets it exactly the way you created it, you will make your file into a PDF – because it will look the same no matter the platform –  Windows, iOS or Linux.

PDF is also an incredibly compact format, which is very important to people who need to send or transfer a lot of information in as small of a digital package as possible.

The file format also provides users with an effective way of securing their documents, which is very important for people who are sending sensitive information such as contracts or financial reports. PDFs can be locked so that no one will be able to edit the information presented within by the PDF’s creator.

However, there are times when you might need to edit information that you have received in a PDF. This is, in fact, the only limitation of the format – the fact that it is not easily editable. But thankfully, there are online tools that can help users out in such situations.

One such tool is the PDFConverter Free PDF to Word online conversion tool.

Say you are a student and have received class material in PDF form, but want to be able to edit the document and make notes within it. The perfect way to enable yourself to do that would be to convert your PDF into the very editable Microsoft Word file format. This online converter allows you to do just that, completely free of charge.

Obviously, a tool such as this can come in handy to editors and writers as well. As mentioned already, it’s an excellent shortcut to editing PDF-archived texts that many editors are probably still copying to their clipboard and pasting into Word in order to make corrections.

Using the free online PDF to DOC tool is much better as it saves times and evades mistakes that are likely to be made when manually formatting a text copied from a PDF. It also allows you to access text from PDF files that are secured or encrypted and thus, can’t be copied.

– To begin using the tool, simply select a PDF file from your computer by clicking on the “Choose File” button. The online converter allows files up to 2MB in size to be converted.

– Now enter your email address. This is the address to which you want a download link for your converted file to be sent.

– Click “Start” to begin the conversion process.

And that’s all there is to it. Within minutes, you will receive a link via email that will allow you to download your newly-converted, highly-editable MS Word file.

The only limitations of the tool are the maximum document upload size of 2 MB and the fact that it does not support OCR conversion. So, when you are uploading PDFs, make sure they are not larger than 2 MB and not scanned documents.

If you are worried about security issues, there’s no need – the service guarantees in its privacy policy that your email address will never be sold or given to a third party. Your files are also deleted from the server 24 hours after conversion.

All in all, it’s a highly recommended online tool that can be used daily with no limits on the number of conversions one user can perform. If you need to convert a PDF into an editable Word file, this online tool allows you to do so accurately, securely and quickly, but most importantly – for absolutely free.


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