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Posted on 24. Jan, 2016 by in Security, Software

Computers and other electronic devices such as smart phones and tablets have become an important part of almost everyone’s life. People use them to handle their most important affairs, to communicate and to deal with almost every human issue. Many of these activities require access to websites which require sensitive and personal information in order to gain access to sensitive information such as bank accounts, investments and private personal dealings. Hackers and other intruders can electronically break into people’s systems and steal their identities and money. They can then go to your bank and withdraw using your user name and password. How can you protect yourself from this?

Additionally, people surf the web to visit political sites of their interest and to communicate personally with others. People might want to comment anonymously without their identity or location being discovered. When someone comments on a site they leave their ip or address on the site. This lets people know exactly where they are and other things might show who they are. How can you get around this?

WiFi is particularly vulnerable to attack. If you connect to a public WiFi spot like an airport or some other public place it’s like your computing is open to public display. How do you stay out of sight and safe to do sensitive stuff.


Much of our communication is private and sensitive. You can tell from the uproar about Hillary Clinton’s server that there is great concern about very private information leaking. Even the average person has communications that need to be kept private. What’s the best way to do this?

You can have your own personal protected tunnel through the Internet by using a VPN – Virtual Private Network. Your data normally travels unprotected through the Internet and is susceptible to detection and grabbing of your data. VPN creates a special tunnel which carries your data which others can’t get at. The data is also encrypted into secret code so that even if someone got access to it, it would just be garbled nonsense to them. VPN also changes your address on the Internet known as your ip address which can be analyzed to find your location. Once it’s changed it could appear to be almost anywhere in the world.

With VPN you no longer have to fear hackers or identity thieves who can no longer see your activity or read any of it to illegally use it. You can also use your VPN software at public hotspots such as the library or airport and still be 100% safe. Get VPN today and keep your identity and financial assets safe.

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