Windows Errors – Fix Them With Reimage

Windows Errors – Fix Them With Reimage

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The world of personal computers has advanced tremendously rapidly since the first ones were rolled out. Wikipedia states that the first successfully mass marketed personal computer was the Commodore PET introduced in January 1977. It was soon followed by the Apple II (usually referred to as the “Apple ][“) in June 1977, and the TRS-80 from Radio Shack in November 1977. Recent computers are orders of magnitude more powerful and have sophisticated, powerful software and many advanced peripherals such as high end graphics, video players, mice, giant hard drives, advanced music features and much more. The Internet has also turned the PC into the main communication and information device that a person deals with.

The Problem

With all of this fancy software and hardware, the Nirvana of the computer revolution has a flaw in it. Unfortunately, users are faced with Windows errors all too often. You would think that after all this time they would have straightened out all the kinks. However, the fact remains that errors that are far beyond the ability of the average user to handle pop up all the time.

What Causes the Problems?

There are a number of sources for the errors;

  • Windows software built in errors. Windows is a very complicated system and some errors may creep in while the software is being developed. Microsoft becomes aware of these errors and provides fixes known as Windows Updates.
  • Software damage. Important software components may be damaged or altered by viruses or by hard disk errors.
  • Device driver errors. The hardware of a computer is controlled by software called a device driver. These are released by many different manufacturers and early releases may have problems. Hardware malfunction can also lead to errors which may not be handled by the device driver correctly.
  • Software incompatibilities. Current computers have programs from many different companies. Some of the software from one company may conflict with software from another.

How to fix the Problems

When you encounter a problem, you should search for your problem on the Internet. You can use Google, Bing or any other search engine. You can also look into Yahoo answers. Very often you will find an easy solution quickly.

If you don’t find and answer, you can look into the Windows event viewer which will identify some errors and provide more detailed information about them.

You can also contact your friend the computer guru to help you.

Be wary of running to use registry repair programs. They can often create more problems than they solve.

Reimage Solves Your Problems Quickly and Easily

Reimage can repair your system if you have Internet access. It takes a short time and leaves your programs and data intact. If you bring your computer to a big repair shop, you might find your programs and data missing after the repair. If you are not happy with the results, you don’t have to pay and you can reverse any changes that it made. You can use it many times for up to  a year, there’s 24/7 tech support and it repairs XP, Vista and Windows 7.

How Reimage Does It

The creators of Reimage have compiled a huge database which identifies what belongs in Windows and what doesn’t.  The database contains all necessary software to bring Windows back to a fully correct state. A scan of the target computer is done and all problems are noted. Anything missing is filled in. Anything which shouldn’t be there is removed. Everything will work properly, viruses will be gone, and the Windows errors will be cleaned up.


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